First-class erotic jobs in Berlin

News about CORONA



Sexual services with intercourse are not allowed until June 30, 2021.



From June 18, 2021, sexual services may initially be offered for a fee without sexual intercourse (erotic massages, bondage and the like) and without facial practices.



Prostitution sites may resume operations from June 18, 2021, provided they only offer permitted services.

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I market YOU with a unique system. With this system you deserve much more with us than with the competition.

300-600 € every night!

For me the girls / ladies are my customers. Chill and happy women are the BEST ADVERTISING. Here the men come by themselves.

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Would you like to earn your money in the brothel LANKWITZER-7 and- or as an escort girl with house and hotel visits at CITY-GIRLS-BERLIN?

Then you are 100% correct!

You do not come from Berlin? No problem!!! We have enough apartments and rooms in the city for you and your girlfriend. (including WIFI, washing machine, Western Union and much more.) We know what’s important !!!)

Hurenpass, tax number, prostitution protection law, health advice, registration address, health insurance … We help you with all questions for authorities, housing, civil office, tax office and tax consultants – so you can work stress-free.

You want to earn good money? We have been in business for 19 years! Probably you have found this website in the search results at the top …..? We know how it works!

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Du möchtest in einem Bordell arbeiten?

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Current offers:

Working in the brothel in Berlin

We have a super nice little house LANKWITZER-7 where you can work optimally


– No customers who want a lot and pay little for it.

-optimally working conditions by housemaids and telephone operators who understand what YOUR business is about.

– Well maintained rooms, always fresh towels, sheets, disinfectants and everything you need to work stress-free …

For information, contact Leo! (simply via WhatsApp)

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Arbeiten als Escort Girl in Berlin

Working as an escort girl in Berlin

You want to earn money with your house & hotel? At CITY-GIRLS-BERLIN you are in good hands.


-We only employ drivers who speak YOUR language.

-We market you on ALL popular channels on the Internet, so you get the most money

-For all girls / ladies who do not come from Berlin, we have cool city apartments to live in, where you really feel good….

For information, contact Leo! (simply via WhatsApp)

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Frequently asked Questions

Can I work immediately when I come to Berlin?

YES – you get an appointment confirmation from the Probea Berlin in the city hall Schöneberg immediately. You can work with it immediately …

Do I need a German phone number if I want to work for you?

If you want to work as an escort girl (house and hotel visits), it makes sense if you have a German phone number. You have to be able to reach your driver and agency at any time without detours.

Do I have to log in with my private address?

NO, you can also specify an alternative „delivery address“ when you log in. The main thing you get your mail

How do I get a tax number?

The easiest way for you is to hire a tax accountant. A tax office takes care of everything. Of course you can also go to the responsible tax office and take care of it.

Can I rely on privacy?

YES, for the authority (Probea) where YOU have to register you, the same data protection regulations apply as for all other German authorities. This means that your data is safe.

Will my family or friends in my home country learn of my being a prostitute?

No, Don `t worry. A transfer of your data to foreign authorities is not!

How does it work with the „ALIAS CERTIFICATE“ if I want to remain anonymous while working?

You can have the certificate for the health consultation and the prostitute identity card issued with an „ALIAS NAME“, then nobody will find out your real name in the places where you work.

Does the Hurenpass cost money?

NO the health advice and the registration (Hurenpass) are free for Sexworker in Berlin.

On what am I being examined at the health consultation?

The health consultation according to §10 ProstSchG is just a conversation, this conversation takes about one hour

How do I get a whore pass if I do not speak German?

The health advice and the registration according to §3 ProstSchG (Hurenpass) take place with an interpreter who speaks your language.